Spotlight Tutorial
The principle of this tutorial is similar to "Dynamic time and date for your pages" tutorial. Except that this one generates messages, and that one updated time. Read on, you will get the hang of it....
Author: Anang A Phatak

ColdFusion Discussions

I stumbled upon this website through a friend who I was trying to get help from. After I had went through a few tutorials, I decided to join. I then posted a question in the forum and got immediate responses. I am far from being a developer, and I consider myself a pre-amateur when it comes to understanding CF, but this website has made me understand it way better then the 4 books I have bought. I recommend this site to beginners, intermediate users, and advanced. I wish more sites were this user friendly. I applaud Pablo, and all the users that submit their helpful tutorials.

Kevin Johnston, 02/16/2003

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