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This is a Spry & Coldfusion tutorial for making phone calls via the internet. This Tutorial has a catch however, it's for use with Vonage's 'Click-to-Call' service.



This is part 2 of a 2 part tutorial.  In part 1 we will cover how to dynamically sets data to a drop down list box.  In part 2 we will cover how to use this example in a simple search screen and keep the previous selected options from the binded dropdowns.


This tutorial shows the suggest list (auto complete) idea using the built in functions in Scriptaculous with a CF data page. Working example at: http://www.brixontech.com/examples/webtwo/autocomplete/index.cfm

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How to group cfquery output in order to effectively display relational database data. Includes an overview of how to output nested groups as well.

A Complete Way how we can add a fetch a Podcast and display on the website. Very easy with just Simple XML Tags. the Tutorial has been Influenced by various Peoples works and Finally i came Up with this. Check and You will have the Podcast view for your own website.


Create dynamic PDF's on the fly and automatically send them as attachments. There are a bunch of people out there that claim to have this elusive process figured out, or to have a wonder-tag that does it all for you. Well, I tried a lot of them, and the results were always less than desirable, if you want to call them results. However, through this trial and error, I was able to take the good points of some of these failed attempts, and piece them together into a working solution. Right off the bat, this is a solution for those of you who have the ability to install software on your own hosting server or, those of you who can convince your web host to install a little harmless application for you.

This tutorial digs deep into recursion in ColdFusion, and provides practical solutions to real-world development issues: breadcrumbs, sitemaps, and select box options.

By: Kevin
This tutorial will show you how to implement easy and effective pagination in your ColdFusion application. This works great for breaking up and displaying large query results one page at a time.

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