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This bit of code will allow you to output a percentage readout to your users very easily using javascript. Works great in IE or Mozilla, and once you know how to use this, you can do a TON of other things interactivly!

By: Bryce
Simple list of links to: 1. Change the background color of current page. 2. Demonstrate CFParam and URLEncodedFormat (both of them can be life savers!) 3. Provide hours of fun for the easily amused (I'm guilty as charged).

This is part 2 of a 2 part tutorial.  In part 1 we will cover how to dynamically sets data to a drop down list box.  In part 2 we will cover how to use this example in a simple search screen and keep the previous selected options from the binded dropdowns.


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This tutorial uses a couple of date/time functions and database query results in order to get your DBMS to greet your users when their birthday dates match the current date.

This is a custom tag application. The cf_QueryRender custom tag takes your query arguments and gives you a final page table and all...

A tutorial showing you how you can upload one Full sized picture, and have a thumbnail automatically created for you, along with descriptions of the image!

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a dynamic sitemap for a database-driven website with ColdFusion

In FireFox, you can dynamically set the EncType of a form element to be "multipart/form-data" for file uploads; however, this does not work in Internet Explorer (IE). Apparently in IE, you have to set the "encoding" of the form rather than the "enctype". The good news is, you can set both values without concern and this will take care of the problem:


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