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This tutorial will walk you through how to get your visitors location (latitude/longitude) using the browsers built in mechanisms. It's quick, portable and works on most mobile devices!

we will split this tutorial in few Parts like this!

1. Create a Upload Form
2. Upload a File
    2.1 Check to See if Uploading Image is not too Big in size, we will try here to make a check through javascript & server side.
    2.2 Check to See if the Image size is not extensibly large.
3. Change the Extension of the JPEG for rendering easily in the webpage and with less Processing time.
4. Resize the Image If required (Optional)
5. Let's Also Include the Watermark Option to watermark the JPEG Image (Optional)
6. Redirect to the User to the End Page to View the Uploaded Image


When it comes to the question of "Is the record in the database, if so, update, else insert", there has to be an easy way do write it with less code.


Five Tutorials That Might Interest You!
This article gives background and instructions on how to change the IP used in the Developer Edition of both CF5 & MX. You can link through to my site at www.defusionx.com

Secure Login Password using Pablos User Authentication with Javascript Cryptography

This tutorial will demonstrate how to implement the PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) into your e-commerce applications to accept credit cards in real time!

Your site requires your visitors to log in. of course, some of your visitors are going to forget their passwords (ok, most will forget their passwords). You don't want them to have to send you an e-mail, and then wait for a response. They need immediate access.

This tutorial shows two methods by which you can accomodate them.

This code will process any form submitted and email the submitted form fields excluding the submit, the redirect, the hidden, and the required fields; to the designated recipient.

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