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I have tried hoards of websites on how to install coldfusion on Fedora Core 3 with apache webserver. For some reason the connectors always failed. I had "Ubuntu" on my laptop, basically because "acpi" suspend/hibernate actually works. I decided I might try to install CF there to find out what was going wrong. Surprisingly everything worked like a charm. Make sure you use "apt-get install apache2" before you try this. BEST OF LUCK ....

This tutorial shows the basics of allowing your end-users to dynamically sort the order in which they view your records. You can have as many sort orders as you have fields viewed!

This tutorial will show you how to efficiently re-use code and in addition how to create a random list of colors that you can use with cfchart colorlist.


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Increase performace and readability by always scoping your variables

By: Ayhan
Why need UPS address validation? Answer is; to provide time and transit information to the customers. UPS needs right City State and Zip Code to able give time and transit information. I have submitted another example which I have combined time&trasit information with rating, also tracking tutorial. You should know that this tutorial is made for my needs. If you want to expand, please visit www.ec.ups.com and download instruction. Dont afraid of size the booklet:) you will only need the request inputs and response outputs. It is easy to use. I will suggest you use cfdump to see all variables you get from ups servers. I hope these will save your hours.

Always wanted to export items from your existing database into RSS with ColdFusion and syndicate it, but don't know how? Well, this is your lucky day! We’re going to show you how you can easily export your database records to RSS.

By: Kevin
This Tutorial will show you how to allow your web sites users to select items to compare side by side. Your items could be anything from products for sale to statistical information. Users can add and remove Items or Products to compare in a table. A great feature for sites seilling products, especially products with many variations for models in a series.

This tutorial is not ColdFusion oriented, but covers a great trick to allow you to submit a single form to a variety of different pages on the fly.

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