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By: Craig
This tutorial teaches some basic ways to achieve effects using actionscript with your flash forms.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to display the date a web page was last modified to your visitors dynamically.

This will show how you can validate a user then use CFLOGIN and determine the users admin level within the Application.cfm file. Not hard whatsoever. This one is correct Pablo.

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This is a Small tutorial where you can style your website with multiple fonts. Just choose the font from the database. very handy and it can make you website look different. It can be tweeked to many phases. think as gar as you can and make the tweek as good as you can. here i have just provided a base how we can play with fonts and many other things. it has not been tested on railo and bluedragon but i think it will work


This tutorial describes how to call a MS SQL DTS package from a cold fusion page using COM rather than a stored procedure.

This Tutorial will show you how to display tag restricitons with Sandbox Security enabled.


How to use coldFusion in conjunction with SQL Server Data Transformation Services

Do you need to allow your end user(or yourself) to move items in your database from one position to another or from the top to the bottom etc, Like the order to display articles or re-prioritize items in a list.

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