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This tutorial shows you how to gather and store user statistics, including Browser, Browser Version, Screen Width, Color Depth, Screen Height, Bit Rate and User Environment. Includes Browser Detection for IPhone, Blackberry, and Android-based mobile devices...



This tutorial will show you how to load your images from an actual .cfm page. Therefore, allowing you to prevent people from using your content on their web sites.


This tutorial will demonstrate how to delete records from a database via your website using ColdFusion.

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Hi, This tutorial is all about the how to format & prepare the ecommerce invoices into Quickbooks where it will create a tabbed delimeted text file (IIF) which is compatable to import into quickbooks which reduces the manual entreies in to Quick books each invoice. the code file is a real time file i hope this is useful for your ecommerce applications mail me if any questions thank you suresh pagidipati sureshpagidipati@yahoo.com

In FireFox, you can dynamically set the EncType of a form element to be "multipart/form-data" for file uploads; however, this does not work in Internet Explorer (IE). Apparently in IE, you have to set the "encoding" of the form rather than the "enctype". The good news is, you can set both values without concern and this will take care of the problem:


How to create an outlined tree from <ul> and <li> tags, CSS and JavaScript

This deals with database dates: (1)inserting a properly formatted date into the database, and then (2)pulling a query from the database between a date range defined by 2 text boxes.

Boolean values are excellent ways to save on precious coding time when you are using a boatload of IF statements in an application. Having only 2 possible states allows you to kind of cheat on creating your IF statements and minimize redundancy.

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