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This tutorial will show you how to use Image.cfc. I demonstrate several examples of how you can create Image verification for forms, scale down images, watermark images, add text to images, and performing multiple operations to an image.

An example of how to match similiar strings using a combination of SQLServer and CFMX.

This is an expansion of Pablo Varando's Email client, I heard a few folks say that they had problems viewing the attachments in the way that Pablo's tutorial outlined it, so I came up with a new way.

Five Tutorials That Might Interest You!
Make a Simple Web Page Translation Widget Using Google Translate

A Custom Tag in which you will be able to find out what exactly the user is using and then you can change the CSS File according to that specific browser. I Rec-worked this Custom Tag a bit to make it work more better and include some extra browser. Still the Credit goes to Original Browser whose Name i do not Know Really. You will find the code very Handy as it will help in making your website browser-specific and great look to end Users.

Security is definitely of great concern for both every web developer and web user. This article discusses some of the things you should keep in mind in order to build secure web applications. Learn how to build account activation, use random keys, validate input and protect sensitive information in your site.

This is a small application that shows you how to create an MP3 streaming server.

A tutorial showing you how you can create a dynamic bar chart!

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