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This is part 2 of a 2 part tutorial.  In part 1 we will cover how to dynamically sets data to a drop down list box.  In part 2 we will cover how to use this example in a simple search screen and keep the previous selected options from the binded dropdowns.


This .cfc will let you write a flash, jpg, or png chart to a file, to be displayed on any page (or printed, emailed, etc). Can fix issues with charts randomly not displaying properly.


About the tutorial:

This is a simple encryption/decryption example.

In this example will encrypt  a URL which used in different  email campaign ,  the purpose to use an encrypted URL as we all know is a security issue.

I Will go over the code step by step.


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By: Rhino
Queries the database everyday and sends an email automatically when certain events happen.

This tutorial serves two purposes. First it demonstrates how to create a function that is usable in CF5, CFMX and CFMX6.1. It also demonstrates a math and logical way to determine the number of weeks in a month without looping.

By: Ayhan
This is complete rating and Time&Transit tutorial for UPS. to use this you must provide verified address. I have added another tutorial which shows how to verify an address. You should know that this tutorial is made for my needs. If you want to expand, please visit www.ec.ups.com and download instruction. Dont afraid of size the booklet:) you will only need the request inputs and response outputs. It is easy to use. I will suggest you use cfdump to see all variables you get from ups servers.

An introductory look at CFSCRIPT. Rules, some basic syntax, and a couple of examples of loops and conditional processing.

Add this one page tell-a-friend file to your website and begin letting your visitors promote your site for you. Very easy to set up. Can be cfincluded anywhere on your site. Visitors just fill in their friends email address and click the send button. The rest is taken care of. Simple one click functionality for your visitors. Automatically sends an email, containing anything you wish, to your visitors friend.

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